(Français) Quelques fréquences Tour de France 2018

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Présentation du MKRFOX1200 – Arduino avec module SigFox intégré

Dans cet article, je vais vous parler de la carte Arduino MRKFOX1200.
Cette carte Arduino, fonctionnant en 3.3v est disponible sur l’arduino store (et d’autres aussi) au prix de 35€ + frais de port (52€ TTC en tout), permet de communiquer sur le réseau SigFox.
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TNC-Pi step-by-step setup with Raspberry Pi Rev B

This article explain how to configure your Raspberry Pi Rev B to work with the TNC Modem TNC-Pi. This modem can be ordered here : http://www.tnc-x.com
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Ndmpcopy: Authentication failed for source

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Cisco UCS direct attach / NetApp Filer (FCoE + LAN) / Unified Storage

With Cisco UCS firmware 2.1, it’s possible to directly connect NetApp Filer (With 10G CNA card) on the Fabric Interconnect to use both FCoE and Network. Previously, we have to choose one or the other. This limit has been removed.
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(Français) Un digipeater APRS sous digi_ned avec un Raspberry Pi : L’installation (3/?)

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Raspberry Pi as APRS digipeater with digi_ned : Cabling (2/?)

Here is the used equipment :
* RaspBerry Pi (B) 512Mo
* Modem PacComm TINY-2
* Transceiver Alcatel ATR 2680
* USB< -->TTL adapter chipset CP210
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Raspberry Pi as APRS digipeater with digi_ned : Introduction (1/?)

I will start in the following days to try to setup Raspberry Pi as an APRS Digipeater with digi_ned.

You can follow the progress of this experience on the blog.

I have all the equipment required to begin :
* A Raspberry PI 512M
* A PacComm TINY-2 with KISS Mode ROM modem
* VHF radio
* USB to Serial converter with FTDI Chip

The challenge will be, to be able to use the FTDI Converter with a stable driver, setup AX25, run digi_ned on ARM system.

When all systems will be operational, I will try to provide a documentation on how-to setup the complete system.

This system can be use to :
* quickly deploy a mobile APRS digipeater
* install a digipeater where space is reduced
* install a digipeater on facilities without 110/220V power
Update 07/10/2013 : It works ! The digipeater is on air with call F4GVY-3. I will try to post a new article quickly.

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(Français) Décodage des signaux sur 10.100Mhz

Numeric modulation can be heard over Europe and maybe more on 10.100Mhz
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NetApp AutoSupport message: BATTERY LOW WARNING / BUG 536445

Message autosupport :
Sun Nov 4 01:00:32 CET [FILERXXX: asup.smtp.sent:notice]: Cluster Notification mail sent: Cluster Notification from FILERXXX (BATTERY_LOW) WARNING
Sun Nov 4 01:00:45 CET [FILERXXX: asup.post.sent:notice]: Cluster Notification message posted to NetApp: Cluster Notification from FILERXXX (BATTERY_LOW) WARNING
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