(Français) Décodage des signaux sur 10.100Mhz

Numeric modulation can be heard over Europe and maybe more on 10.100Mhz

We can see two different signals :
Signaux reçus sur 10.100Mhz

We focus on the left signal. This is a RTTY Modulation, 50 bauds rate / Shift 450Hz. This see weather broadcast from Hambourg, Germany. The call is DDK9.

This is the configuration you need to set on MixW to be able to decode the signal :
Configuration MixW pour réception DDK9

Interesting fields are :
Inverted : checked
Shift : 450
Baud rate : 50

Once this is configuration as explain and the receiver set to USB mode, you should be able to decode.

Between to meteorological bulletins, the station transmits this :


FREQUENCIES 4583 KHB 7646 KHZ 10100.8 KHZ


A sample bulletin received on mai the 24th 2013 at 10h30 PM can downloaded here : ddk9 24 mai 2013

Some more information are available in french here: http://f1agw.free.fr/Synop/Synop.htm

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